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From the office straight to the taichs: your team building will be worth it


For well-being in the workplace, employees must get to know each other better outside the work environment. That's why team building is becoming increasingly popular to help strengthen working relationships.

Team building is not just about team-building activities, outdoor adventures, sports competitions and collective challenges. Excellent team building requires not only good planning and organisation but also setting the right expectations. Successful team building starts in the office or even in the parking lot! Before your team sets off on any team-building activity, you can already create a positive atmosphere and arouse curiosity in the office. 

How to organise an unforgettable team building for companies?

To be able to organise a memorable team building, you need to stick to specific rules. We bring you some of them.

Plan the team building properly

One of the main factors to focus on when planning a team building in your company is the number of employees. The advantage is to find a venue that can accommodate the number of participants according to your needs, allowing you to host both smaller and larger company events. 

Choose the venue carefully

A great choice is a wellness hotel in a natural setting that not only provides options inside the hotel but also a variety of outdoor activities. Hotel Salamandra is a hotel in the mountains that also has a taich - a lake that is suitable for swimming - nearby. In winter, you’ll appreciate its location next to the ski slope. If your work team is not large and does not require you to book the entire hotel, you can opt for a more intimate version of work team building in an exclusive chalet. These luxuriously furnished chalets have their own private entrance to ensure maximum privacy. At the same time, you can take full advantage of all the hotel's services, as well as the outdoor facilities and sports grounds on offer.

Communicate and try to increase interest

Just a few days before the team building takes place, start communicating with your team members. Let them know something interesting is in store for them, creating excitement and tension, which will help increase interest and participation.

Start engagingly

Prepare an engaging opening day. It can be a simple greeting in the parking lot outside the office. Prepare cryptic signs, flyers or other little items to inspire and intrigue the team. The atmosphere alone can boost team spirit.

Strengthen the collective and prepare a unique experience in one 

Every work team is a little different. Some are more drawn to relaxing at the spa, while others prefer more collaborative outdoor activities. In the case of summer or autumn, you can use your team building to take walks in the woods around the hotel, enjoying the atmosphere of the nearby lakes and taichs. You can rent bicycles or ride quad bikes. In winter, you can enjoy the slopes and rent skis or skate on the frozen taich. After your sports activities, the hotel welcomes you to the restaurant or the wellness centre.

When planning a team-building event, it is vital to design the venue and programme so that it appeals to and excites everyone involved and that they really enjoy it. Your colleagues will appreciate the chance to recharge their batteries away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and spend a day or two in a pleasant natural environment. Beautiful mountains, fresh air, quality service, wellness, gastronomy and friendly staff - these are the key elements that will ensure your satisfaction and that of your colleagues.

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