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Salamandra Resort - Hotel Salamandra

Deep in the heart of the Štiavnica Hills, far from the big city but still close enough for a comfortable drive, you will find the Salamandra Hotel. The beauty of nature is combined there with our ancestors' rich heritage and quality service.

Salamandra Resort - Chalet Salamandra

CHALET SALAMANDRA is located close to the hotel, right in the ski and bike centre Salamandra Resort area, by the lake - taich, in the Štiavnica Hills. The chalet is ideal for those who seek privacy for their stay and appreciate natural, eco-friendly materials. The forest can be perceived here with almost all the senses, as it is the only backdrop of this space.

Salamandra Resort - ski rental

Our resort offers unforgettable skiing experiences for all levels. Even better, our ski rental service provides you with all the equipment you need to enjoy skiing to the max without any worries. Join us and experience the winter fun you've always wanted!

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