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Indoor activities at Salamandra

Fun in all weathers

Active guests will welcome the fact that they can train at Salamandra even in inclement weather

There are simply some days when you just don't want to drag your heels out of the hotel. And you don't have to - you can get plenty of exercise indoors, too.

Whatever the weather, you won't be bored at Salamandra. Active athletes will welcome the fact that they can train at the hotel. However, we still remember those who have come primarily to relax or have fun.

There is a wide range of activities available right at the hotel, from the purely recreational to the genuinely challenging. 

Indoor resort options

Wellness & SPA Banensium

wellness and spa

Unwind after a busy day of adventures in our spa. Swim in the indoor pool with a view of the scenery, regenerate in the sauna or whirlpool, or indulge in a therapeutic massage.

wellness salamandra


Precision, concentration and, last but not least, a little strategy - these are the prerequisites of a professional pool player. Most guests, however, want to have fun first and foremost, and our pool table is a popular meeting place for this reason, especially in the evenings.

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TV corner with library

Sit back and forget about everything with a good book or an interesting film. Relax together with the kids before the next big experience.

Relax at Salamandra

The foundation of sport is the determination to explore your limits and the possibilities of movement; however, the other important aspect is quality equipment and gear. You don't have to worry about that. In our SPORTS CENTRE, you’ll find everything you need. You can look forward to sportswear and accessories from Under Armour, accessories and sports nutrition from CAMELBAK and GU and Sporttesters from POLAR.

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Sports and fitness

Work out your whole body! With professional equipment, every workout will go like clockwork.


Treadmill, stationary bike and fitness tower

A powerful combination for a full-body workout. The treadmill and stationary bike are ideal for warming up your muscles before exercise, strengthening your cardiovascular system and building fitness. The fitness tower, for a change, allows you to exercise individual muscle groups and focus on selected body parts.


Specially designed training straps for exercising with your own weight give you a perfect full-body workout. You can work on strength and endurance, and also on fitness or flexibility - the most significant advantage of TRX is the high flexibility of the exercises. But remember to warm up beforehand, and don't underestimate stretching after the workout.

Fit and BOSU balls

Exercising on fit balls helps to loosen stiff muscle groups and increase joint flexibility. BOSU balls are ideal for practising balance and strengthening the core - especially if you combine the exercise with weights.


There is also a squash court in our wellness area that you can book. If you still need to bring a racket, we'll happily lend you one, along with a set of balls. Remember suitable footwear, though. We recommend finishing your dynamic on-court exercise with a swim or sauna.

Kid's corner

Even in inclement weather, your kids will have no shortage of fun. In the kid's play area, they’ll find plenty of toys and fun activities that will make sure you won't hear "Mommy, Daddy, I'm bored" anymore :)

Kid's corner
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