Ski pass prices from 24.2.2024

Ski pass prices from 24.2.2024 (regardless age):

  • 1 day 20€
  • 4 hours 18€
  • 2 hours 15€
  • 5 rides 10€

Ski passes are sold at cash counter in ski resort only. No online purchase available!


* 20% for ISIC, ITIC, EURO<26, Disabled, SPHERE and SPHERE CARD YOUNG card holders. Discounts are valid only on full-day, half-day, and 4-hour passes.

* Birthday ticket - FREE - for visitors who have a birthday on that day. You must show proof of ID to qualify.



Full-day, half-day, 2-hour and 4-hour ski passes are valid on the day the ski pass is purchased. 2- and 3-day passes are valid for 2 and 3 consecutive days, respectively, from the date of purchase. The 7-day pass is valid for any 7 days in the winter season. The 8-hour ski pass is valid for the entire winter season. Every hour started after passing through the turnstile counts.


Prices after the discount are rounded up to € 0.50.
It is not possible to combine discounts.
The minimum price of a day pass after the discount is € 9 for adults and € 6.50 for children and senior citizens.
All ski passes except the 8-hour ski pass are non-transferable. There is a photo check of ski pass users at the turnstiles!


All ski passes are issued on a chip card. The deposit for the chip card is € 5 and can only be returned in person at the ticket office during opening hours after the ski pass expires. The ticket office is still open 15 minutes after the end of the operation of the cable transport equipment (after this, referred to as CTE). The deposit is refundable only for a fully functional and undamaged chip card!


Explanatory notes:

* Children under 5 years of age accompanied by an adult FREE.
* Children aged 5 to 15, the children's ski pass can only be used by children who have yet to reach the age of 15 on the date of purchase of the ski pass. 
* When claiming a child's ticket, the customer must present the child's insurance card.
* A child ski pass may only be used by a child wearing a compulsory protective ski helmet, which is mandatory for all children under 15.
* Senior citizens over 60 must present proof of identity when purchasing a ski pass.
* Family ski passes can only be purchased by the immediate family, i.e. parents with children under the age of 15 on the date of purchase. An ID card must be presented when claiming, and children must present their insurance card.
* Group tickets are valid for groups of 20 persons or more. Groups are entitled to purchase group ski passes if they are an organised group upon presentation of a list of names of participants (first name, last name, name of organisation and contact details).
*The operator does not provide a refund for a purchased ski pass if the operation of the CTE is prevented by adverse weather conditions or other circumstances not caused by the CTE operator. In the event of suspension of operation of all CTEs due to power failure for more than 2 hours, the visitor may request a refund of 50% of the fare paid.
*Each visitor of the ski resort Salamandra Resort in Hodrus Hamre is obliged to familiarise themselves with the tariff conditions and principles of behaviour on the ski lifts and tracks to ensure the safety of their operation, which are on the information boards at the ticket office and the boarding points on the CTE. By purchasing a ski pass on the CTE, the visitor confirms that they have been acquainted with them and are obliged to comply with them. 
*In case of a request by the CTE operator, the visitor must present a valid ski pass. If the CTE staff finds out that the visitor is using someone else's ski pass or an unauthorised discounted ski pass, it will be withdrawn without a refund. 
*The CTE operator is not liable for damage to or loss of the ski pass.
*Payment by credit card must be reported to the ticket office in advance. Accepted card types are displayed at the ticket office.
*The CTE operator reserves the right to change the transport price 48 hours in advance; it does not apply to already purchased tickets.

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